We are very often abroad, so call in advance. 696573888

punta pelusa tattoo always open

Punta Pelusa Tattoo & Hair is open from Monday to Monday, but with an appointment.

We are very often abroad, so call in advance.

So if you want a new Tattoo or a new hairstyle then call Joke or Hans.

Do not know exactly what kind of a Tattoo you want? Call us 696573888 for a talk appointment and we can see what is possible.

We both have more than 25 years of experience, so we know what we do.


Coffee always ready.

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Punta Pelusa Tattoo Crevillente


Call or Watsapp a tattoo appointment  Hans; 696 573 888.
Call or Watsapp a hairdresser appointment  Joke.Visser; 651 606 500.
Contact Tattoo Punta Pelusa on Facebook Facebook tattoo-punta pelusa crevillente
Contact Barber on Facebook Barber hairdress crevillente


When a custom drawing is requested.  I will ask for a deposit from 50 euro for a small tattoo and 100 for the bigger tattoos .to ensure that you will come. 
A tattoo design usually  take more than two hours.
And not just five minutes, for example on television.
You decide to take the tattoo, then this amount of money is deducted on the tattoo.

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